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About Us

We help you find the little things that make a big difference to your employees, your customers and the world.

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Great customer experience doesn't have to be complicated.

Starfish is founded on the ethos that there is tremendous impact in small things done greatly.


There is a tendency in customer experience and culture change for people to overcomplicate things, try to boil the ocean, theorise and theorise and never get things over the line.

We know there's another way - and we are on a mission to make waves by helping you create a purpose centred business that is great for your customers, employees and the world.

- DeAnna Avis

The Starfish Way

We help you make waves by finding the small things that will make a big difference to employees and customers.

Purpose is our compass
We help people find their ‘why’ and live it out to make a positive impact.

We won’t try and boil the ocean
We’ll be forensic and look for the little things that will make a big difference.

We’re not seagulls
We won’t fly in and leave a mess everywhere; we will support you in bringing your new vision to life.

We don’t talk abalone 

(a mollusc found in warm seas!)
We keep our processes simple, talk plain English and provide actionable insights.

We teach you how to survive, then thrive. 
We foster independence, not dependency.

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