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Make Waves

Customer Experience, Brand Strategy  and Human Centred Design Consultancy

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The Starfish Story

Do you remember the story about the little boy on the beach?

As the boy walks along the shoreline, he tosses a starfish into the sea; a man says, “there are thousands of starfish on this beach. You can’t save them all.”

“No,” says the boy, “but I can help this one.”


Starfish CX is founded on this ethos, that great customer experience doesn't have to be complicated, and that there is power in small things done greatly. We help our clients to grow and innovate in a way that is great for people, purpose and profits.

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Meet The Team

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DeAnna Avis,
Chief Experience Officer

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Founder of Starfish CX, DeAnna is a customer experience specialist dedicated to bringing purpose to life through great experiences.

Bringing insights from psychology and human-centred design, DeAnna identifies the conscious and unconscious drives behind organisational and customer behaviour to create collaborative and sustainable culture change. She turns insight into actionable strategy. She has worked with clients who are innovating and transforming to create a positive impact and legacy.

Specialisms: Customer, Employee and Brand Strategy, Insight Research & Analysis, Cultural Transformation, Human Centred Design, Service Design, User Experience and Innovation.

DeAnna has led customer experience programmes across the globe in industries from insurance to high tech engineering. DeAnna was named one of the top 25 CX professionals in the world and has won five customer experience awards, including Overall Winner at the UK CXA.

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James Surridge,
Brand Strategy Consultant

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As an experienced Brand Strategist, James’ key focus is turning insight into ideas that create growth and brand value.


Through forensic investigation and analysis, James likes to identify the mindsets that influence purchasing decisions, the rituals around them and the conscience-appeal that can be created. He has worked with clients who are either ‘founding' a brand with a Purpose as well as those who need to ‘find' a Purpose.


Specialisms: Purpose-Driven Brand Strategy, Brand Architecture, Value Proposition Development, Customer and Shopper Experience, Innovation Strategy, (inc. IP Identification).


James has significant international experience in leisure, travel and destination branding, sustainability and luxury, working with clients such as Ernst & Young, Danaher Group, Ordnance Survey, Cunard, P&O Cruises, Grand Bahama, Isle of Wight, Fitness First, Sunseeker, Rolls Royce and BMW. James has a D&AD award and 21 National Design Awards to his name. 

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Nathan Dudman,
Creative Consultant

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An experienced creative director and designer, Nathan works with brands and top agencies across multiple sectors and industries.


With a strong design aesthetic and a creative approach, Nathan helps visionary clients make a difference.


Specialisms: Brand definition and identity, Visual identity, UI design, Print design, Product and Packaging design, Environment & exhibition design.


Nathan has worked with many of the world’s best-known brands, including Wella, BBC, Procter & Gamble, Walt Disney World Florida, The Disney Store, Osprey London, Ordnance Survey, Elizabeth Arden, Gallo Family Vineyards, Lindt Chocolate, Honda and Callaway Golf.

People say...

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Enabling organisations to continually adapt to the changing world we live in is a constant and never ending challenge. Encouraging colleagues and stakeholders alike to think and act in the interests of the customer, when always bogged down with day to tasks and competing objectives requires knowledge, positivity, competency and a huge amount of courage. DeAnna is a CX Professional who possesses all of those traits in abundance.

DeAnna does not just talk a good game, she has been there, done it and got the t-shirt!! Having had the personal pleasure of announcing her as the recipient of both a personal UK Customer Experience Professional of the Year award and awards for her team and company, proves that point – it is such worthy recognition for an exceptional CX practitioner.

Ian Golding, Global Customer Experience Specialist

I had the pleasure of being DeAnna's very first client. As a startup about to fundraise seed investment required to scale up, we needed deep customer insight to inform our growth strategy and business plan.

DeAnna led the first stage of a critical discovery project for us, interviewing customers and prospects from around the globe and synthesising qualitative insights into actionable tools like personas and user needs. Ready for our next stage of service design.

I enjoyed working with DeAnna because; she’s fun to work with, flexible, brings a uniquely human and inclusive perspective to everything she does and, adds value to the team by going above and beyond to deliver high quality outputs.

So much so that I have hired her to work with us again, partnering with Starfish CX to deliver the next phase of innovation research and co-design needed to scale our business.

Women in CX are delighted to continue to work with DeAnna and I would absolutely recommend Starfish if you’re looking for a company you can trust. I’m very excited for the collaborative journey ahead with DeAnna and her team.

Vicki Starrs, National Customer Experience Lead, Solus

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DeAnna was my biggest cheerleader just when I needed it. De could see the love I had for CX and leadership and encouraged me to be my authentic self and empowered me to share my voice and know that people will listen.

De always brings her true self to every conversation and interaction and this allowed me to do the same.I have gone from believing ‘who am I’ to knowing who I am professionally and personally and standing proud behind ‘ME’ .

I have become a better version of myself through your kick up the arse and non judgemental approach. De just seems to know what questions to ask to unlock the thoughts and realisation. I will forever be grateful for your guidance.

Vicki Starrs, National Customer Experience Lead, Solus

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